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The 100 ( 40 seconds ago )

shanelandon : It just keeps getting better and better.

The Middle ( 5 minutes ago )

Pisces_ : Haha, Brik and those ice-cream sandwiches!

The Bachelor ( 9 minutes ago )

josephposton : Spoiler alert for those who care. It was kind of hard to watch that last clip, knowing Kristina was going home.

Tanna ( 9 minutes ago )

glostarz999 : That was just outstanding. Romeo and Juliet in the South Pacific. Fantastically natural performances from a seemingly untrained cast of local none actors. I really loved this to bits. One of the best films I've seen in ages.

Nuclear Hurricane ( 13 minutes ago )

chasesgranny : I assume Stacy took her cues from Hal 2000 with all that mind of her own crap. This is one of those B movies that is struggling so hard to be an A movie that you feel sorry for it .... if you like cheesy disaster flicks, one of those cult followers of anything disaster from free pile ups to planes dropping from the sky to Armageddon this is your movie. I am that person from the tip of my toes to the split ends of my gray hair so I loved it.

Black-Ish ( 13 minutes ago )

nakedheart : Diane is crazy and Charlie about those pants and shirts LOL...I had to rewind his part just understand. Hilarious

Wolfblood Secrets ( 15 minutes ago )

anonymz : Found this show on Netflix and got sucked right in. A Nice British twist on Teen Wolf with a little less darkness. Aimed at young adults but great for older audiences who don't mind the lack of "darkness".

Arrow ( 18 minutes ago )

MuslimBeard : How the hell do so many people see the mayor's face, and then the green arrow's face, and still be unable to mentally remove the mask??

2 Broke Girls ( 21 minutes ago )

SaroM : This was the most cringe episode... who the hell lives with their parents after 40??? Caroline really found a keeper.

Blindspot ( 21 minutes ago )

greenguy86 : Don't much care for Nas, so if she goes, not a big deal.

Hunter x Hunter ( 22 minutes ago )

knightslayer57 : I am a little surprised that none of them used gyo to check his aura to make sure he was not doing anything hinky, which would also allow them to spot the thread.

Being Mary Jane ( 24 minutes ago )

Nenariffic : I will continue to hold out on my opinion of Lee.. but great Eppy as SizzyLove always say. lol

Babylon 5 ( 25 minutes ago )

Nonya_Biddness : Nothing better than 48 minutes of contract negotiations! Scifi at it's best! There was a space ship in the background once or twice.. A few alien looking guys.. but mostly, it was the best scifi that union difficulties can deliver! And now, back to snorting crushed urinal cakes!

Gangsters ( 27 minutes ago )

fuelup : Ok, I don't mind subtitles. French movies are visually good but this good cop vs bad cop story drags on, and the acting is just that... let's say. Sorry it wasn't that good 2/5

Major Crimes ( 32 minutes ago )

investik8 : Love this show but it's a Major Crime that crusty Rusty hasn't been killed off yet. He's pathetic .. put him out of his own misery. Justifiable homicide IMO.

Modern Family ( 34 minutes ago )

iveyrey72 : I can't 不不不不不不不不不不不不

Killing Fields ( 46 minutes ago )

AyCaramba : This is a brilliant procedural, packed with southern Louisiana color and dialogue. I so hope and pray for justice for Eugenie Boisfontaine. Many thanks to the uploaders.

Arrow ( 53 minutes ago )

locomojoboy : ''He's become something else...someone else.'' Lol, he did not just say that. I'm surprised the lead detective hasnt said ''gee Mr. Mayor, you and the Green Arrow have the same exact beard and facial hair...what are the odds?'' And what are the odds that Prometheus is Oliver's male assistant? I mean the mystery villain is always someone that's right under our noses, hiding in plain sight...

Arrow ( 56 minutes ago )

kaveeone : Great episode! Don't really have to wonder who leaked it to the press, I don't think.

Legion ( 57 minutes ago )

CORYDREYNOLDS : loved it!!!!! but not for everyone.... 10/10

Gantz: O ( 58 minutes ago )

jross31 : Visually, this was incredibly impressive. I do have to say though that the voice acting and character of Anzu was absolutely terrible. Like, almost unwatchable at times. I'll admit I'm not familiar with the source material for this but I feel like it would have been much better without her in it. Even with all that garbage though this was still an awesome watch.

Distant Shores ( 59 minutes ago )

Lucy18960 : Quirky comedy about a plastic surgeon from London who takes a job at his wife`s insistence in a small Northumbrian island called Hildasay. Pilot was funny!

Legion ( 1 hour ago )

CORYDREYNOLDS : love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not for everyone.....

Jackie ( 1 hour ago )

StoneyX213 : Natalie, you're no Jackie Kennedy.

Arrow ( 1 hour ago )

kingk1000 : i like the flashbacks but all they show is that Oliver is more efficient with a gun than an arrow lol. very interesting episode, still has its flaws like (spoiler) how in the hell is the money still there if people knew about it? ,that said this season is a major improvement and next episode looks to be quite interesting.

Split ( 1 hour ago )

caileanb : Did not like it. Only redeemable qualities were some of the shots, and the performances of the two leads; of which, at times, McAvoy was cringe-worthy because of the god awful writing. Not spending my money on another Shymalan movie again.

The Mick ( 1 hour ago )

blee10988 : I like it, it's almost too cheesy but it's alright. It's no Sunny but worth the watch for sure! :)

Surviving Evil ( 1 hour ago )

origamibird : This is not Surviving Evil TV show it is some wierd gory film set in the Philippines from 2009. Has the same name.

Arrival ( 1 hour ago )

onryougumi : 2001: A Space Odyssey this is not. It's pretty elemental. Date Movie Science Fiction.

Cyborg 009: Call of Justice ( 1 hour ago )

joash480 : used to watch this show way back 2001, so nice to see they made a 3rd installment and in 3D. 003 looks better ;)

Speechless ( 1 hour ago )

iveyrey72 : The bomb show keep them coming !!!!!!!!

Outsiders ( 1 hour ago )

Pisces_ : I mean that was so obvious. The very first time she spoke to them she even asked how she kept her numbers up if there are no men- not once did she get an answer. Watching the Brennan this season has been painful, hopefully she gives up her title or smartens the heck up

Being Mary Jane ( 1 hour ago )

brad0198 : I know some of you are gonna disagree with me on this one but I've been waiting on how this Lee/MJ situation was panning out before I said my honest opinion...I know Lee ticks all the boxes and is this nice guy that MJ has always deserved, BUT I'm just not feeling him - his looks, accent and career are all strike-outs for me. Sorry, not sorry.

Blindspot ( 1 hour ago )

FrillyBits : Blindspot episode 16 returns 22 March 2017

Arrival ( 1 hour ago )

ThomasinaPaine : lol @ Rek80's Sagan comment!~~ My father -an amateur astrologer in his spare time along with dozens more hobbies -- could easily have been a colleague of Sagan had he not been caught up in another life path, which is not at all to imply I inherited zip from him except IQ points, which I thoughtlessly squandered. This film can only be described as esoteric in both its conception and its execution, a different way of positing that linear time, time as we perceive it, crafted as a man-made tool, is but an infinitesimal point on a plane of reality. What is most interesting and amusing is to read comments demeaning the intelligence of others who rightly perceive this film's storyboard presentation to be --putting it generously---obscure. The comments are at least as interesting as the film. ;) I agree with the comment that the loud, uninspired soundtrack is distracting and overrides the dialog, making the denoument even more difficult to comprehend. [Even more ironic is the fact that the main character is one whose life is devoted to understanding and explaining the perception of life as expressed in the SPOKEN]. 2/5. Amy Adams strikes me as an actress the characters she plays rather than BEING them, distinctly different from what I see others --to me more accomplished actors--do.

US Seals ( 1 hour ago )

TruAnRksT : Haven't even watched it, but any so called American Seals movie is likely to be 100% propaganda targeted at the general US public. The team that supposedly took down Osama? Seal team Six? Well we will never know because the majority of them were killed off even before the supposed dead body of Osama hit the sea floor. Seems funny to me that none of the characters on the other side ever got any chance to say their piece. Oh and I doubt the Seal Team Six Osama raid ever took place, I think Osama is either dead of natural causes or protected under a different name. He was a CIA asset and operative during the entire time and a bush family friend.

Lethal Weapon ( 1 hour ago )

Jamie_X : Fox Renews 'Lethal Weapon' The movie adaptation will return for Season 2. February 22, 2017 Fox announced today that Lethal Weapon has been renewed for a second season. The good news comes as the buddy cop series is winding down its freshman run - one that fared quite well for a movie-adapted entry. Television shows based on films quite often have a tough time making the transition to the small screen, with recent attempts at adapting such theatrical hits as Rush Hour, Limitless and Minority Report ultimately failing. Lethal Weapon has bucked that trend though, with a strong showing out of the gate that has developed into a solid presence for Fox on Wednesday nights.

Secrets of the Underground ( 1 hour ago )

sourcandy : that mysterious security guard is a double agent..a Redpilled working for the Illuminatis :PP

My Kitchen Rules ( 1 hour ago )

keyokey : Still all out of sync.

Gantz: O ( 1 hour ago )

trust_worthy : Great animations. English dubbing bearable but not good. The ending was really rushed but if you already know the manga/story, you won't care. Enjoy. They also need to stop the lame ass intro of the hero's journey.

Jackie ( 1 hour ago )

Rebel_J : I admit to never being much of a Natalie Portman fan. That being said, I think it was pretty ballsy of her taking on an American icon. How close she is to portraying the title character correctly I couldn't say, but overall I found the movie to be dull and cold.

The Lego Batman Movie ( 1 hour ago )

erikruhl76 : Let's see. The screen was crooked at the start, and the cam is shaky off and on throughout. The picture wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either and the sound was good at least. The plot was flimsy at best but the overall message was super simple for the kiddies to grasp onto. It was what you would expect from a lego movie. Bubblegum pop filled soundtrack, far too many characters to make their being there worth it and tons of lame jokes. However it was STILL BETTER THAN DC'S LAST THREE MOVIES. Your kids will love this provided they are still young.

Jane Got a Gun ( 1 hour ago )

ckgranger : i loved this movie, thought it was great story. Natalie Portman is fantastic in this role. You could have a long debate over whether she plays a damsel in distress or not because she kind of is but at the same time she's really not. If you like westerns, romance, gunslingers this is a good one.

Chuck ( 1 hour ago )

moggsy71 : Always gets me smiling! So worth the re-binge :)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ( 1 hour ago )

umphh : The Daily Show are not new episodes this week because Trevor Noah is recording Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark stand up shows that are on netflix this week. AFAIK

The Color of Rain ( 2 hours ago )

tanya1975 : This is a fantastic movie. Just goes to show when love is meant to be nothing stands in the way. 10/10

Dance Moms ( 2 hours ago )

nakedheart : I hope the other dance instructor/mom joins Abby Lee or without any fighting; glad she stood up to Cathy. I can't believe I'm saying this but now I'm interested in seeing another season. The ending made me cry.

Spirit of the Game ( 2 hours ago )

toasterfraker : Watch only if you're a Mormon in need of a cuddly validation of your beliefs. 1/5

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The Middle

Pisces_ : Haha, Brik and those ice-cream sandwiches!

The Bachelor

josephposton : Spoiler alert for those who care. It was kind of hard to watch that last c ...


glostarz999 : That was just outstanding. Romeo and Juliet in the South Pacific. Fantastically ...

Nuclear Hurricane

chasesgranny : I assume Stacy took her cues from Hal 2000 with all that mind of her own crap. ...


nakedheart : Diane is crazy and Charlie about those pants and shirts LOL...I had to rewind hi ...

Wolfblood Secrets

anonymz : Found this show on Netflix and got sucked right in. A Nice British twist on Teen ...


MuslimBeard : How the hell do so many people see the mayor's face, and then the green arrow's ...

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